Fintech Innovation and Opportunity

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We’ve put together an interesting and exciting Fintech panel on the first day of TiEcon. You won’t want to miss this!

Financial technology, also known as Fintech, is revamping traditional financial services to suit the always-on digital customer and economy. Although termed as new and evolving, the same old rules and regulations of the traditional financial industry still apply. Having said that; within this highly regulated world of Fintech, entrepreneurs have found pockets to innovate and transform. They have forever changed the old landscape with groundbreaking products never thought of before. We have some amazing entrepreneurs lined up to share their stories of doing exactly that:
  • Gurjeet Singh, CEO of Ayasdi, combined AI and Fintech to help companies tackle the ever-growing world of online e-commerce fraud.
  • Vinny Lingham, CEO and a serial entrepreneur, started his third company to address the problem of “identity”  in the online transaction world.These are just a few examples of panelist we have lined up.
Fintech is made up of many parties , sub industries, markets and disparate customer requirements. This leads to complexity on one hand and plenty of opportunity on the other.
Companies that have long existed in the financial or payments industry are continuing to innovate and adapt to the changing digital consumer. We will hear from Vijay Sondhu, SVP Visa, on how they look at the evolving the Fintech landscape and maintain their share of market and customer base. Not to mention ideas on how you could participate in their innovation efforts and benefit from it.
If you are a Fintech entrepreneur looking to understand the nuances of the industry, you might not want to miss what Mr. Roy Teo, Director Monetary Authority Singapore, has to say about regulations. The regulators understand that entrepreneurs have valuable ideas and they need to work with regulators to bring them to fruition. If you plan to work on an idea in Fintech, understanding regulations is an important cornerstone of your product and plan.
We have an amazing lineup of industry leaders and plan to kickoff the event with a keynote from Paul Walsh, SVP Visa, Inc, followed by an illustrious panel of amazing entrepreneurs who took on the challenging world of financial technology. They will delve into their experience of starting a successful company.
Even if you’re not an entrepreneur listening to the panel, it might help you learn about skills employers are looking for in Fintech. It’s a growing industry with many opportunities. The Fintech event will help identify the latest trends in hiring requirements. Who knows, perhaps this fast-growing Fintech industry might lead your career to new and greater heights!
This is an unique opportunity for you to meet the innovators, entrepreneurs and regulators all in one place. Listen to their trials and tribulations, ask questions and move forward with your own unique idea.
See you at the event — seriously, you don’t want to miss this one.
By: Sheela Ursal
or Twitter @SheelaUrsal