Key Technology Trends for Today and the Future!

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Information technology has registered exponential growth in the past few years. This is a dynamic sector, and as technology is constantly evolving, one needs to stay abreast with the latest updates within this sector. Be it FinTech or Machine Learning; Digital Marketing or Augmented Reality, the future is here!!

TiEcon 2016 pulls these critical sectors into an impactful track called “Trending Technologies”.

  • What is the future when more and more work can be done by intelligent machines and by people only in partnership with those machines (think: Machine Learning)?
  • Which companies are at the forefront of building communities (where the money is) and connecting them to vast supply systems (where the costs are)?
  • How are FinTech and Mobile Payment technologies disrupting the way we implement and evolve commerce in the market place?

Join us at TiEcon 2016 and hear from Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other leading companies dreaming big, changing the market and inspiring new entrepreneurial endeavors in Trending Technologies.


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