“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”Robert Mueller, FBI Director, 2012

The cloud revolution, which began over a decade ago, has finally run its course, successfully transforming business models and working practices. Given that cloud computing resources have a more profound impact on businesses and societies than physical assets, cloud security represents a rapidly growing market with the potential to achieve revenues in excess of $10 billion by 2022.

Its growth is not only being driven by the ubiquity of public, private and hybrid clouds across industries, but also the rise of premeditated cybercrime and a growing awareness among enterprises about the importance of building and maintaining well-coordinated security capabilities. There is also rising pressure on cloud service providers to beef up their security standards, particularly against the backdrop of the focus on drawing up unambiguous Master Service Agreements (MSA) that clearly define cloud security responsibilities and the roles between the cloud customer and service provider.

With the threats targeted at cloud systems such as Advanced Persistent Threats, hacked APIs, compromised credentials, broken authentication, DoS attacks and data breaches, there’s never been a better time to protect your business.

Come learn more at the Security Track at this year’s TiEcon, a track that we’re proud to bring back given its popularity at previous TiEcons (and increasing importance to the enterprise in general)!



Rahul Kashyap
Chief Product Officer
Cylance Inc.

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Director Enterprise...

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CTO Enterprise Security...

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SVP Chief Trust Officer...
Ex SalesForce

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Chief Information...

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Head of Endpoint...
Palo Alto Networks

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Cheif Security and...
Gurucul Solutions

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CEO & Founder
Stealth Security Startup

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Akamai Technologies

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Director, Gartner Invest