See you at TiEcon on Friday, May 5th – Vinod Khosla, Partner Khosla Ventures

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I am really excited about delivering a closing keynote at TiEcon on Friday, May 5th celebrating entrepreneurship in TiE’s 25th year. My keynote will be a Q&A with Jillian Manus, Managing Partner of Structure Capital, a Silicon Valley early-stage VC firm. We will cover a wide range of topics for tech entrepreneurs — I know you’re solving big, challenging problems and I fundamentally am inspired by that. Technology has the ability to disrupt the world and entrepreneurs like you are the ones who will make it happen.

There are so many areas ready for disruption, and as someone associated with TiE and TiEcon for many years, I was glad that this year’s theme is around trending technologies. Whether digital health, machine learning, martech, fintech/blockchain, or another exciting field, entrepreneurs are driven by the need to move the world forward and these areas are exactly where we’ll see breakthrough developments (and opportunities) in the coming years.

In addition to the talks, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to get mentored in the new Words of Wisdom program, go through a Startup Bootcamp, or check out new technologies at the Startup Expo hall.

Looking forward to a great Q&A and seeing you at TiEcon on Friday, May 5th.

Vinod Khosla
Partner at Khosla Ventures

Vinod Khosla