POC Medical Systems Inc. is a multiple award winning Silicon Valley Startup Company founded by serial entrepreneur, Sanjeev Saxena. It is a young company funded by highly respected investors such as the well experienced globally reputed Medical Insurance company (Sirius Insurance Company of America), Boston based leading MedTech VC firm (BioVenture Investors), Chinas leading Investment group (MIA) , and some top technology and biomedical professionals, with a patent-protected Point-of-Care Testing product for Breast Cancer to start with. Several other forms of cancer (cervical, mouth, prostrate, ovarian, colorectal etc are on the cards for being launched in the coming months). The company was founded with a mission to make "early stage screening" of life threatening diseases such as cancer, cardiac and infectious diseases accessible and affordable on a worldwide basis with a view to saving millions of lives. POC Medical Systems was awarded the precious TiE 50 awards (over 3000 companies compete for this most coveted awards). The US Congress and Senate has recognized the company with certificates such as the "Dream Maker and Risk Taker award" and the "Game Changer Award". The technology platform was created with support from various key labs which include Lawrence Livermore National Labs and some of the leading oncologists in the US for breast cancer screening and detection. This method of "distributed but connected point-of-care" screening and diagnostics will bring a paradigm shift in medical treatment in the world. The breast cancer test is the first application of the company's platform. This screening test requires just a drop of blood and within 15 minutes the results of the biomarker readings would be available in a tablet and/or a mobile phone. The company's technology platform resolves around two key issues in modern medical diagnostics: geographic inaccessibility and prohibitive costs. POC's ultimate goal with this technology platform is to help save millions of lives through early stage screening and detection in real-time basis, and in turn significantly reduce medical treatment costs across the world. The first product, The Mammo Alert, that POC Medical Systems is launching, is a test for Breast Cancer with a simple drop of blood which has a sensitivity of over 90% and a specificity of also over 90%. This is much more accurate as compared to the standard mammography whose accuracy on an average is around 75%, with a false positive rate of 3 to 4 per image and a specificity of less than 90% and above all not available /affordable to most women ( only 3.5% of the women over the age of 40 years ever receive mammograms ) due to various reasons. Further, the data generated from tests performed in the remotest areas are uploaded to the cloud and is available for data analytics and 2nd opinions etc. Besides that, this data would help pharmaceutical/biotech companies to develop appropriate marketing strategies, and more importantly help them in the development of more personalized medicines for specific markets.