Specialties Chugh, LLP is a full service Law firm and Tax firm doing corporate, tax, immigration, litigation, employment, mergers & acquisition, real estate, family law, venture capital, and media & entertainment work. Of the top 100 Indian companies doing business in the USA, Chugh, LLP represents 50% of them. We specialize in four things: Helping start and grow American companies in the USA. Helping form and grow Indian companies in the USA. Assisting foreign companies set up shop in India. Providing legal and tax services to mature companies in USA and India. History Established in 1985. We are based in Los Angeles and Santa Clara in California; Edison in New Jersey; Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC. We also have affiliate offices in Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, in India. Chugh, LLP has a staff of 300 employees with 120 attorneys and CPAs.