What Do Business, Banks and Blockchain Have in Common?

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Hmmm…let’s see if you can guess. πŸ™‚

It not that difficult, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

Business, banks and blockchain, have Fintech evolution and revolution in common.

Businesses are evolving and adjusting to making and receiving payments in an increasingly digital world. Especially e-commerce companies. Every day you hear of a new payment method emerging. Be it a Paytm, Alipay or Wechat…every day somewhere in the world an entrepreneur is thinking of launching aΒ version of PayPal to serve its local community.

Banks are no longer your grandfather’s banks.Β Your credit card, ATM card and ID areΒ on your phone already. Soon, your entire bank will be at your fingertips.

Blockchain is no longer the new kid on the block. It has grown up and broken away from bitcoin to the stand in its own light. It has gone beyond its initial intended purpose to become a wallet, database, loyalty and financial ledger and much more.

Fintech in the last few years has received a lot of attention and investment. Having said that, it is not an easy industry. Under the razzmatazz, all old rules still hold true. Β At the end of the day, finance is finance there are no two ways about it. The issues of security liability and trust underpin all that we do whether it is digital or not.

WhileΒ new technology hasΒ made it easy for consumers and businesses to transact and keep track….it has done the same for fraudsters. It’s a constant struggle to keep up and embrace new emerging technology while avoiding its pitfalls.

All that glitters is not gold, and that’s definitely true for Fintech businesses.

The question then becomes: howΒ do entrepreneurs succeed in theseΒ challenging environments? How do they get their products to market in this closely regulated industry? Well, we have a few thoughts. And even better,Β we have a panel for you to hear directly. Β We’ve lined up some stellar entrepreneurs who have paved the way and shown us that it can be done.

The TiEcon Fintech track starts at 10:30 AM May 5thΒ with a keynote from Paul Walsh, SVP Visa Inc. He will speak about disruptive innovation in Fintech. You have an opportunity to listen as he paints a picture of the future of finance. You might find ideas that lead you to your next startup.

Next is a panel discussion of future of crypto and blockchain. You have an opportunity to directly hearΒ from people who’ve been there and done that.

And if you still have not found your favorite Fintech startup idea, then head over to the Trends in Financial Services panel. Even though all of us are familiar with finance, payments and transactions on a daily basis, very few of us understand the entire gamut of processes and products that make it possible. A Fintech trends panel would not only highlight the familiar and the obvious but also provide surprising insights into trends.

If topics of security and fraud interest you, then perhaps a startup that helps good win over evil might be your calling. We have a whole panel lined up to inspire you.

In closing you willΒ hear from Mr. Roy Toe who works closely on regulation as well as innovation. Fintech is a regulated industry and so a keynote that brings us back to earth is a good one.

Fintech is a fine balancing act; a never-ending endeavor.

We have reserved a front row seat for you and your startup.Β On May 5th at 10:30 AM, the talks begin.

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Sheela Ursal is it much sought after Fin Tech expert. She has worked in FINTECH iespecially in payments and ecommerce in global enterprises and startups. Read her articles on Linkedin:Β Sheela UrsalΒ orΒ follow her blog http:Β http://www.paymentsfintech.com.