“Young people are capable of doing much more today than ever in the history of mankind.” Mohammad Yunus

For the youngpreneurs among us, you’re in good company: there are many ambitious entrepreneurs just like you, who are young but feel ready to hone your business chops. According to a Gallup survey, 77% of students in grades 5-12 said they want to be their own boss, with 45% saying they wanted to start their own business. 42% even indicated a desire to invent something that changes the world. Our youth like you clearly have the interest — and potential — to build the future they want for themselves.

In the Youth track at TiEcon, you’ll hear it right from the source: our speakers include some of the youngest and most inspiring entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams today. We’ll discuss areas like how to find your passion, how to build your personal brand, and how to apply your business idea to create meaningful change. No matter your age, this track is meant for young minds ready to explore how to leverage your entrepreneurial nature.


Jaykumar Menon
Open Source Pharma...

Rachel Jagoda Brunette
Program Officer
The Lemelson Foundation

Ramesh Raskar
Associate Professor of...
MIT Media Lab

Dean Haroon
High School - Sophomore
Leland High School -...

Aiden Bingham
Junior at Saint Francis...

Anthony Trucks
CEO - Trust Your Hustle
Anthony Trucks...

Arshia Mehta
Freshman at Dougherty...
Survey Bazaar

Jason Li
University of Chicago

Joseph Floyd
Emergence Capital

Laila Shabir
Girls Make Games/...

Lily Ann Zhang
Table Tennis Player

Sabina Chaudhuri
Miss Silicon Valley
Miss America Organization

Vivek Kopparthi
CEO & Co-founder

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